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Senior Android Developer

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Senior Android Developer

Do you enjoy developing for Android and want to do something more?

The Techno Creatives is a creative tech house based in Gothenburg and Shenzhen, taking on projects from global companies in parallel with launching own ventures, always combining creativity with great execution. With our diverse team of talented designers and developers, we strive to help our clients develop innovative concepts and transform them into digital and tangible products.

Note: we accept applicants from anywhere in the world!


As a creative agency, devs are expected to work closely with the design teams, often working together as one to solve a client problem or deliver a solid product. No more freaking out alone trying to build a UI when the designers will have your back.

We're building virtual rollercoasters, analogue smartwatches, interaction solutions in autonomous cars, smart wheelchairs, VR and AR for global trade shows, web apps to revolutionise the healthcare industry in Sweden, and even working to improve support for minority languages around the world.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has at least 3 years experience developing on the Android platform
  • Works regularly with Kotlin
  • Is comfortable working with asynchronous and reactive codebases
  • Prefers a declarative approach over XML-oriented approaches (e.g. RxJava/RxKotlin, etc)
  • Desires strong collaboration on projects
  • Is excited by the idea of making Android apps that interact with hardware sometimes (Bluetooth, near-field communication, WiFi)

Applicants are accepted from anywhere in the world - we are more than happy to assist applicants with relocation.

As a modern creative tech house based in Gothenburg and Shenzhen, we operate in the English language and have people working here from more than 10 different countries! If you want to work in a relaxed, collaborative and respectful environment where you can just be yourself, the Techno Creatives welcome your application and look forward to working with you!

We take pride in our hiring approach, where we consider your professional and personal experience first and foremost, rather than simply looking at your formal qualifications.