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Senior Embedded Developer/Engineer

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Senior Embedded Firmware Developer/Engineer

Are you a Maker at heart? Do you love to solve problems in a simple and elegant way? Then join us since that is what we love! The Techno Creatives is a creative tech house based in Gothenburg and Shenzhen, taking on projects from global companies in parallel with launching own ventures, always combining creativity with great execution. With our diverse team of talented designers and developers, we strive to help our clients develop innovative concepts and transform them into digital and tangible products.


Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them,

they hire already motivated people and inspire them.

Simon Sinek

You will be joining our compact but growing team of electronics engineers and embedded firmware developers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Together with our colleagues in Shenzhen, China, you will get to work on projects ranging from automotive to IoT and consumer electronics. By combining electronics and embedded software with app development, cloud development, UX/UI design and strategy we are truly full-stack.

If you are an embedded development person you:

  • Have a solid base in C programming for embedded, but also like new shiny languages like Rust
  • Have experience designing and implementing software for embedded devices and systems
  • Know your way around ARM Cortex systems and SDKs like those from Nordic Semiconductors and STM
  • Have experience in hands-on development and troubleshooting of embedded targets
  • Know your way around electrical engineering, schematics and data sheets for components

If you are more into to the hardware side of things you:

  • Can design basic level PCBs (no high frequency or balanced designs necessary)
  • Have experience with hands-on development and troubleshooting of different micro-controller solutions
  • Can solder and build prototypes on SMT and through-hole
  • Can use logic analyzer and oscilloscope and similar to do troubleshooting and reverse-engineering
  • Knowledge of reading schematics and data sheets for components
  • Experience designing for various certification requirements

We want you to apply if you are into software, hardware, or both!

We take pride in our hiring approach, where we consider your professional and personal experience and skills first and foremost, rather than simply looking at your formal qualifications.

About The Techno Creatives

The Techno Creatives is a design and engineering service provider that delivers both projects and ventures together with clients in a wide range of industries. We take-on projects that has the possibility to disrupt markets by innovative thinking combining design, technology and business. Our teams include world class serie-entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate strategists, designers and developers with the courage to put products to the market that will impact everyday life. We are true pioneers within every new industry we challenge.

We seek extraordinary people to live and breathe innovation together with us, our clients and our portfolio ventures.

We are a flat and agile organization where our Techno Creatives take responsibility for the result and the client relation with a holistic understanding of what we aim to achieve with their products.

Our headquarters are located on the beautiful west coast of Sweden, where our 50 people strong team from 15 nationalities work closely together. In both Gothenburg and Shenzhen we are scaling up our electronics design, development and manufacturing capabilities.