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Business Strategists

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Business Strategist

We are looking for a hungry Business Strategist who will be responsible for client relationships with focus on defining the next disruptive product that will help the giants to survive.


Great companies don’t hire skilled people and motivate them, 

they hire already motivated people and inspire them.

Simon Sinek

The Techno Creatives launch and develop both projects and ventures together with the industry. We take-on projects that has the possibility to disrupt complete markets by innovative thinking combining design, technology and business. Our teams includes world class serial-entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate strategists, designers and developers with the courage to put products to the market that will impact every day life. We are true pioneers within every new industry we are challenging.

We seeks extraordinary people to live and breath innovation together with us, our clients and our portfolio ventures.

We are a flat and agile organisation where our techno creatives take responsibility for the result and the client relation with a holistic understanding of what we are achieving with their products. A work method that is derived from our Swedish way of thinking.

We are seeking a Business Strategist with a broad skillset spanning from technology, strategy, business planning, user experience design and agile development practices. 

With an entrepreneurial drive to develop strong relationship with future clients of The Techno Creatives. The ultimate success of a Business Strategist lies in their ability to define a clear vision and make the road map clear on how to reach there starting from today. 

  • 3+ years of relevant experience in management consulting, design and/or technical positions
  • Excellent and fluent in communication and relationships creation
  • Deep knowledge within technology and design, allowing you to discuss ideas and solutions seamlessly
  • Analytical and problem solving mindset to secure clients' business goals and product strategies align with overarching objectives
  • Tack records of leading and implementation of sales methodology

You will own the whole chain of client relationship, defining project scope and budgets, and maintain the relationship throughout the project until and post delivery. 

We take pride in our hiring approach, where we consider your professional and personal experience first and foremost, rather than simply looking at your formal qualifications.

We're building virtual rollercoasters, analogue smartwatches, interaction solutions in autonomous cars, smart wheelchairs, VR and AR for global trade shows, web apps to revolutionise the healthcare industry in Sweden, and even working to improve support for minority languages around the world. As a modern creative tech house based in Gothenburg and Shenzhen, we operate in the English language and have people working here from more than 10 different countries! If you want to work in a relaxed, collaborative and respectful environment where you can just be yourself, the Techno Creatives welcome your application and look forward to working with you!